from by eimie



Song & Lyric written by Amy(eimie)
Arranged by Takuma(eimie)
Engineer: Shintaro Satoh


So you’d better bit hurry up
Time is running out
Hey you’d better not lose again
I’ve been waiting too long

Show me what you trying to say
but sky is falling, time is winding
So trick them harder,
poison them to believe

Then I hear you sing

Oh daring
People get crazy
I wish I could find the crew
You're telling me

Every once in decades
I see SOS 
Oh baby
Let me find you there
in your coordinates
Everybody says
It’s supernatural
Oh baby
Here I'm still believing
in this fate to catch

You don’t realize
your time is faster than mine
I’m still on my own
my time be fatal in your face

Mystery goes on in your traces
but faith is fading, time is flying
So trick me harder,
poison me to believe we’re ahead

Oh finally
we’re coming close
but eventually
we go so far away
I'm slowly loosing my mind


from eimie, released October 12, 2016



all rights reserved


eimie Tokyo, Japan


An electronica duo in Tokyo formed by Amy as a vocalist/producer and Takuma as a manipulator. (2014-2016)

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